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牛仔設計及市場趨勢: 日本牛仔職人與時裝買手的對話

Denim Design and Market Trend: A Dialogue: Denim Artisan vs Fashion Buyer

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Hong Kong Denim Festival

Introduction 簡介

Speakers 講者:

  • Mr. Yoshikawa Hiro
  • Mr. Marco Lau

Moderator 主持:

  • Dr. Travis Li (Lecturer of Department of Fashion & Image Design, HKDI)

Profile 講者介紹:

Hiro Yoshikawa

Denim Design Expert with 25 experiences in Industry


The son of the 17th generation of a Sake family in Japan, Hiro spent a lifetime surrounded by denim creation and artistry. On graduating university in 1989, he honed his craft of jeans-making to 1998 when he was responsible for all denim production in Okayama, Japan for the world’s renowned denim production country. Being in the denim industry for over 30 years, his pursuit of discovery led to begin developing No.6 Washi Paper Yarn in 2003; a journey that took 7 years to before it was ready to weave into Selvedge denim in 2010. Now, Hiro is heralded as the Master Jeans Wash Designer, advising more the world’s leading denim brands. His obsession with premium quality that balances innovation with respect for tradition and attention to detail is the signature of his own brand, WASHI Jeans, launched in 2013.

作為日本Sake家族第17代的兒子,Hiro整輩子都被牛仔布創作和藝術所包圍。 於1989年大學畢業後,他一直磨練自己的牛仔褲製作工藝。直到1998年,他負責了全日本岡山的牛仔布生產,亦是世界著名的牛仔布生產國家。 在牛仔布行業中工作了30多年,他在2003年時發現了No.6 Washi紙紗並開始著手研究; 及後用了7年時間把它編織成Selvedge牛仔布。現在,Hiro被譽為大師級牛仔褲洗滌設計師 ,為更多世界著名的牛仔品牌提供建議。 他對品質的執著使他在創新、尊重傳統和注重細節中取得平衡,亦是他在2013年推出的自家品牌WASHI Jeans的標誌。

Marco Lau

Experienced Menswear Fashion Buyer


Worked in menswear Fashion buying over 13 years , from Lane Crawford to Galeries Lafayette Beijing and Harvey Nichols HK.

從事時尚男裝採購超過13年,曾為Lane Crawford、Galeries Lafayette Beijing和Harvey Nichols HK等品牌工作。

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Date & Time 日期及時間

13 Jan Sun

15:00-15:45 (45 Mins)