Event 活動 - Workshop 工作坊


Gold Foil Handbag Workshop

Organiser 負責單位

513 Paint Shop

Introduction 簡介

Let the new year shine as bright as the gold foil denim handbag! Revive the timeless fashion piece with a touch of luxury. At the workshop you will decorate your own denim bag with gold foil, refashioning simplicity to a wearable artwork.

讓新的一年像金箔牛仔布手提包一樣閃亮! 以奢華的感覺重塑永恆的時尚單品。 在工作坊中,您將用金箔裝飾自己的牛仔布包,重新設計簡潔的可穿戴藝術品。

Quota 參加人數

每節 15 Per Session (Remaining 剩餘名額: 9)

Fee 費用

HKD 250

(Administration fee is not included. 不包括行政費用)


元創方地下 Courtyard & Marketplace
Courtyard & Marketplace, G/F, PMQ

Date & Time 日期及時間

13 Jan Sun

11:00 - 13:00 (120 Mins)