Event 活動 - King of Fashion: Denim 牛仔服裝展

HK Denim Festival

King of Fashion: Denim 牛仔服裝展

Denim fashion exhibition will be hosted from 11 to 20 January 2019* at PMQ - QUBE. Five main exhibition areas at the venue will showcase different themed denim creations.

Exhibition area 1: Stories of Denim Brands 品牌故事

This area brings together classic local and global demin brands. Through unique denim stories and valuable fashion collectors, visitors are able to enhance their understanding of evolving denim trends.


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Exhibition area 2: Journey of Denim Manufacturing

This themed area revisits the denim industry in the 1960s and goes through development phases up to the present. Furthermore, denim merchants and garment makers share their knowledge of and experience in the industry as to how to go about developing eco-denim fashion.


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Exhibition area 3: Future Talents 設計新勢力

Ten denim designers of the new generation are gathered here to promote their creations, which feature personal styles and bold design concepts.


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Exhibition area 4: More than Ounces HKDI 時裝資料館珍藏展覽

Ten denim garments created by international renowned brands are displayed, including creations by Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Moschino, Comme des Garçons, to let visitors learn about upmarket denim fashion evolution from the 1980s to 2000s.

展區內的10件牛仔布服飾囊括多個國際知名品牌的珍品,包括Christian Dior、Jean Paul Gaultier、Moschino、Comme des Garçons等,讓公眾了解80至00年代的高端牛仔服裝潮流演變。

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Exhibition area 5: Living with Denim 藝術與生活

Renowned local and overseas designers and artists are invited to exhibit their artistic denim creations which radically interpreting integration of denim and everyday life.


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* Jan 12 13:00 - 16:00 Exhibition Closed for Opening Ceremony 開幕典禮期間展覽暫停