Event 活動 - Workshop 工作坊

藍天下的琉璃 IV – 混色漸層染篇

Dyeing for the HK Blues IV - Mixed Shinzen

Organiser 負責單位



Introduction 簡介

HK Demin Festival Limited Edition Come and explore the unique textile dye stories that belong to Hong Kong. Natural blue dyeing is a process that records thousand years of history. Do you know how many processes it takes to dye a denim? In this workshop, you will get to try the most popular "Single Color and Mixes Color Dip-Dyeing" and hand-dye one piece of your own product. 50x50cm Furoshiki / A3 bag / small slant bag / fisherman hat. 3 natural colors will be available to choose to make your own piece. We want to let people who like dyeing and textiles to learn about different natural dyeing cultures, letting people to experience the joy and beauty in life. Through the combination of technology and traditional dyeing, we give a new life to art of dyeing. That’s the philosophy of our studio. Come and join us for this unique experience!

HK Demin Festival 限定活動 與你尋找屬於香港這個地方獨特的紡織染故事。天然藍染是一門記載了幾千年歷 史的工藝。但你有知道要染一件牛仔布要多少工序嗎? 這節體驗中你將會嘗試工房最受歡迎的《純色混色漸層染》,并親手染製一件 50x50cm風呂敷/ A3布袋/ 小斜袋/ 漁夫帽。這節活動備有3種天然顔色供選擇 我們希望讓所有喜歡染色、喜歡紡織的人,認識到各地不同的天然染色文化。讓 你找尋到感動與快樂,感受生活美學。我們希望藉由與當代科技融合,讓傳統染 藝能有全新的生命。染樂工房便是在這樣的理念之下創造出來。所以,來這裡與 朋友一起感染快樂吧!

Quota 參加人數

每節 20 Per Session (Remaining 剩餘名額: 8)

Fee 費用

HKD 200

(Administration fee is not included. 不包括行政費用)


元創方地下 Courtyard & Marketplace
Courtyard & Marketplace, G/F, PMQ

Date & Time 日期及時間

20 Jan Sun

15:00 - 17:00 (120 Mins)