Event 活動 - Sham Shui Po Downtown Denim 深水埗街頭牛仔節


Sham Shui Po Downtown Denim 深水埗街頭牛仔節

In the last weekend of the First Hong Kong Denim Festival , 26 and 27 January 2019, Ki Lung Street and Yu Chau Street in Sham Shui Po become Hong Kong Denim Festival 2019 venue, where textile merchants will display their exhibits, including denim creations and items with authentic Hong Kong touches. Visitors can join guided tours to learn about the textile industry’s culture. Several shops on Ki Lung Street will host workshops to let visitors to learn about upcycle used clothes and make household items.

27 January 2019, the finale of Hong Kong Denim Festival 2019. Ki Lung Street becomes the center of attraction. The street will be transformed into a showplace for denim street fashion created by HKDI students. A flash mob model fashion shooting will take place in different corner in Shan Shui Po. Models will go to visit some charming old shops in the area, including Luen Cheong Leather HK which situated at a three-storey traditional building and has been in business for more than 70 years. In a scenario of rich local culture, the camera zooms in on each and every chic moment. Meanwhile, Hong Kong Denim Festival mobile vehicle serves as a backstage where everybody can further experience denim trends and stylish culture!

首屆香港牛仔節將於最後一個週末 (2019年1月26 - 27日) 移師到深水埗基隆街及汝洲街舉行。屆時將有多間本地布業公司變身成展覽場地,展示不同元素的牛仔作品及富有香港特色的陳列設計。公眾更可參與導賞團,深入了解布業的文化及運作。 市民亦可以透過參與區內基隆街數間商鋪開設的工作坊,學習舊衣升級改造及編織家居擺設的方法。

至於整個牛仔節的最後一天 (1月27日),市集嘉年華將會移師到在基隆街上舉行。屆時會出現快閃牛仔時裝展示,一眾模特兒將會換上HKDI同學設計的牛仔造型及服飾,並將基隆街街頭搖身一變成為一個Fashion Photoshoot的拍攝現場!當中包括在港經營超過70年、座落3層高唐樓的「聯昌皮號」,以富本土特色環境為背景,拍攝一輯時尚照片和影片。與此同時,牛仔節流動車將變身成後台,公眾可進一步感受牛仔潮流及造型文化﹗

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TITLE 名稱: 舊衣升級改造工作坊 - 零錢包改造課 Fashion upcycling workshop – Denim purse making

ORGANISER 負責單位: Mia Cheung

CREATION 完成品: Denim Purse

DATE 日期: 26 Jan 2019 (Sat) & 27 Jan 2019 (Sun)

TIME 時間: 3:00pm – 5:00pm

VENUE 地點: Kindly Textile Company 冠儀網布

ADDRESS 地址: 汝州街139地下

Jan 26 Jan 27


TITLE 名稱 : 時尚編織家居擺設.升級再造工作坊 Upcycled Hand-weaved Home Decor Design Workshop

ORGANISER 負責單位 : Tina Ho x Hatch

CREATION 完成品: 升級再造掛毯牆飾

DATE 日期: 26 Jan 2019 (Sat) & 27 Jan 2019 (Sun)

TIME 時間: 3:00pm – 5:00pm

VENUE 地點: Ko Tai Trading Company 高泰貿易公司

ADDRESS 地址: 基隆街133號地下

Jan 26 Jan 27

Guided Tour 導賞團

DATE 日期: 26 Jan 2019 (Sat) & 27 Jan 2019 (Sun)

TIME 時間: 2:00pm & 2:30pm

VENUE 地點: 基隆街 Ki Lung Street, 汝州街 Yu Chau Street, 深水埗 Sham Shui Po

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Denim Exhibition 牛仔設計作品展覽

The products, designs and archive items we collected from overseas and local designers, artists, students and brands in the exhibition and bazaar held in PMQ will be showcased in the assigned floor area of these supporting fabric stores, and the community area nearby as a mini denim exhibition. Besides, decorative art installation will be created to furbish the appearance of the stores, with the use of denim (such as installing a denim sunshade awning for those featured fabric stores). It could capture audience and public attention and interest, to visit the mini denim exhibition set up in different stores.


DATE 日期: 26 Jan 2019 (Sat) & 27 Jan 2019 (Sun)

TIME 時間: 12:00pm - 6:00pm


  • 綸華布業公司 (深水埗基隆街92號地下)
  • 啟昌裡补疋頭有限公司 (深水埗汝州街73號地下)
  • 香港東毛實業公司 (深水埗汝州街134號地下)
  • 高泰貿易公司 (深水埗基隆街133號地下)
  • 冠儀紡織品公司 (深水埗汝州街139號地下)
  • 秦榮興貿易有限公司 (深水埗汝州街71號地下)

Weekend Market 街頭週末市集

The denim bazaar and workshops proposed to be organised in PMQ in 27 Jan 2019 will be re-launched in the Sham Shui Po area. Compared with the one held in PMQ, the denim bazaar and workshops proposed during the event "Downtown Denim" will be focusing on local denim art and design. 10 to 15 local fashion designers and artists from the Denim Bazaar in PMQ will be invited to the weekend denim market, in the street of hawker fabric stores in Ki Lung Street. While workshops of denim art and craft will be held by local artists and designers. These workshops targeting public audience will be carried out in the supporting fabric stores. That would become an interesting experience to drive general public to go in these fabric stores that they will not visit in daily lives.

在PMQ舉辦的牛仔市集嘉年華和工作坊將在2019年1月27日於深水埗區重新啟動。 與PMQ的活動相比,街頭牛仔節中的週末市集和工作坊將更專注於本地牛仔布的藝術和設計上。 參與了PMQ牛仔市集嘉年華的10至15名當地時裝設計師和藝術家將被邀請繼續參與位於基隆街的週末市集,並舉辦有關牛仔布藝術和工藝品的工作坊。 工作坊會在深水埗區布業商店中舉行並開放給公眾報名參與。 這將會是一種有趣的體驗,可以令公眾近距離接觸日常生活中較少到訪的布業商店。

DATE 日期: 27 JAN 2019 (Sun)

TIME 時間: 12:00pm – 6:00pm


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Fashion performances are designed to celebrate the whole denim art and design fair. A "fashion mobile truck" will become a mobile backstage for models travelling around in the event venue, their performance will be captured by professional crew of photographer. These models will dress up in dramatic denim outfits created by HKDI current students in the Department of Fashion and Image Design.

快閃牛仔時裝展示旨在慶祝整個牛仔節中的藝術和設計展覽。 擁有落地玻璃的時尚貨車將搖身一變成為模特兒的移動式後台,在場地周圍作展示。屆時一眾模特兒將會換上HKDI同學設計的牛仔造型及服飾,並將基隆街街頭搖身一變成為一個Fashion Photoshoot的拍攝現場!

DATE 日期: 27 JAN 2019 (Sun)

TIME 時間: 2:30pm